Lucy & Michael – A real Bride’s Story

Lucy & Michael – An April Wedding in Tunbridge Wells 

Hotel Du Vin & St.Pauls Church Tunbridge Wells

Written by Lucy: A Real Bride’s Story

Most people would be disappointed to have to change the date of their wedding. I, on the other hand, was excited as it would mean we had a second chance to secure Scott as our photographer.

I met Scott at a wedding fair and was instantly wowed by his beautiful, relaxed images and his ability to capture the magic of the day, whatever the weather. Despite endless lists and careful planning, the weather in the UK is simply out of anyone’s control, so to know that come rain, hail or snow our photographer was going to be unfazed, was really important for us – especially as we were getting married in mid-April. The stunning snowy and even rainy photos on display at the fair were testament to Scott’s ability to twist the elements to his advantage and made the decision to hire him over anyone else we had seen an easy one.

Camera-shy, Michael wasn’t keen to have a wedding photographer at all or, if we did, he (only half-jokingly) suggested that hire a male model to take his place! Despite these reservations, Scott quickly made him feel at ease.

Scotts of Cambridge Photography

My favourite photo of Michael was taken as he was getting ready in the morning: wearing a fluffy hotel dressing gown, with his toothbrush in his mouth and opening my wedding gift (which Scott had kindly taken upstairs for me). He looks so relaxed and amused – qualities which sum him up perfectly. In parallel with one of his best friend and groomsman, Pete, ironing his shirt, I can really imagine the camaraderie and playful banter of the boys’ morning. (Pete is ex-navy, so the perfect person to ask to do crease-free ironing with crisp collars and cuffs!)

Scotts of Cambridge Photography

My favourite photo ever taken of us as a couple was captured at the end of our wedding dance, when Michael had dipped me almost down to the ground. I’m not sure that even Scott realised how perfect the timing of that shot was. Having never practised the move in my wedding dress, Michael’s hand (which was supporting my lower back) slipped on all the layers of silky fabric and so he very nearly dropped me on the floor! Amazingly, he caught me and, in turn, Scott caught the moment.

Scotts of Cambridge Photography

Scotts of Cambridge PhotographyMichael has the most enormous smile of surprise, relief and joy spread across his face. A far larger smile than he would ever ordinarily have had in a photo and certainly when dancing in public.

The cliché is true: your wedding day really does fly by far too fast and Scott’s photographs are not only irreplaceable visual reminders, but also windows into the many moments. (that we didn’t see in person) The spontaneous, unreserved laughter following jokes shared between parents and friends; the choirboy having a sneaky nap between hymns (yes – really!);

The complex look of love, pride and wonder on my mother’s face as she smoothed the skirt of my newly-donned wedding dress, to name but a few.

You may be the protagonists of your fairytale, but it is Scott who provides the lasting narrative and, in our case, it is one that I will treasure forever.

Lucy and Michael

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