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Award Winning Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is uniquely yours. All of your special memories are captured forever, so choosing  the right photographer for you, one who understands and shares your vision, can be one of the hardest decisions to make.  

What I love most about photographing weddings is that each one is different, and I am so lucky in my job, that I meet so many new people on such an incredibly happy occasion. 

I have had a passion for photography for close to 15 years. It started out as a hobby, photographing bands who came into my music studio where I worked as a music producer.  My hobby soon became a burning passion, and I worked for some time in fashion, shooting for magazines and commercial clients.  A move from Leicester to Cambridge brought about our business, and myself and my wife Lucy set up Scott’s of Cambridge Photography, and moved into the exciting field of wedding photography. 

Helping couples with timings and gaining an understanding of what is most important to them on the day is an essential element of the planning stage. On the day itself, I work hard to create honest, simple and creative pictures that capture the story of your day.  

Essential to your story are all of the big moments such as exchanging of the rings and the first kiss. Equally, I’m always watching for those small, sometimes fleeting details and emotions which paint a fantastic picture behind the scenes.

By working unobtrusively, my aim is to produce a set of pictures that tell your story, rather than making your day all about photography.  I strive to achieve this by lots of planning, lots of experience, and building a real understanding of what you want from your pictures prior to the day. I also endeavor to make you and your wedding party feel at ease, while making the very best use of natural light. Not forgetting, to add some cheeky humour into your joyful, defining day!

So if you share my vision and connect with my work, please get in touch and let's discuss your plans. 

Scott Gilbert (photographer)


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